Heighten your Perspective

View from above


SkyToEye captures and delivers the world from a "bird's eye view" using "Flying Aerial Cameras" (FAC). Aerial footage could have only been afforded by the multi-million-dollar Hollywood film companies using expensive helicopters and planes; Now however, Sky To Eye provides Businesses, Governments & Artists with views from new heights at affordable rates and quality assured professional levels. It's so peaceful and beautiful up here!!!!

Aerial Photography

Sky to Eye is determined in providing their clients with breathtaking photographs, taken at unexpected heights. Sky to Eye also has professional editing services for those who require a masterpiece.

Aerial Video

A picture carries a 1000 words, but videos tell the story. Sky to Eye provides both 4k & 1080p video resolutions. Sky to Eye also provides professional video editing services, and won’t cut the reel until the client is completely satisfied. 

Security Surveillance

Sky to Eye is dedicated to providing excellent security surveillance services for law enforcement along with inspection services for construction sites and power poles to prevent injury to officers & personnel. 

Emergency Services

Sky to Eye is researching innovative ways to apply drone usage in the medical emergency field. There are currently Ambulance drones that can carry light equipment ahead to an emergency scene to help stabilize & analyze a patient prior to an ambulances arrival.


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