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SkyToEye captures and delivers the world from a "bird's eye view" using "Flying Aerial Cameras" (FAC). Aerial footage could have only been afforded by the multi-million-dollar Hollywood film companies using expensive helicopters and planes; Now however, Sky To Eye provides Businesses, Governments & Artists with views from new heights at affordable rates and quality assured professional levels. It's so peaceful and beautiful up here!!!!

Aerial Photography

Sky to Eye is determined in providing their clients with breathtaking photographs, taken at unexpected heights. Sky to Eye also has professional editing services for those who require a masterpiece.

Aerial Video

A picture carries a 1000 words, but videos tell the story. Sky to Eye provides both 4k & 1080p video resolutions. Sky to Eye also provides professional video editing services, and won’t cut the reel until the client is completely satisfied. 

Security Surveillance

Sky to Eye is dedicated to providing excellent security surveillance services for law enforcement along with inspection services for construction sites and power poles to prevent injury to officers & personnel. 

Emergency Services

Sky to Eye is researching innovative ways to apply drone usage in the medical emergency field. There are currently Ambulance drones that can carry light equipment ahead to an emergency scene to help stabilize & analyze a patient prior to an ambulances arrival.


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Aerial Art


Aerial Videography


Benjai - Phenomenal Music Video

Barbados - Above Bathsheba

Barbados - Above Bottom Bay

Barbados - Surfers at Bathsheba


Aerial Photography



Sky F550

The Drones have live video preview during flight which allows your pilot to capture exactly what you want. This is the Sky F550: A custom built drone used for professional filming.

This drone has the capability of capturing long pans thanks to its ascend & descend speeds. The F550 has 6 propellor motors which allows extreme stabilization, especially in high winds. This drone is capable in capturing video in 4k, 1080p and other resolutions, with stills at 14 megapixel.

• 1000M Range - Returns to home point when connection breaks
• 35mph - Top speed without wind interference
• 16 Minute Flight time - Instantly replace batteries under 3 minutes


This Drone also has live video preview during flight; however, the Phantom Drone is much smaller than the F550 which gives it the capability to fly in harder to reach places.

This drone is durable enough to be used in action scenes and sea-related filming. The Phantom drone has 4 propellor motors along with a remarkable GPS Navigation system and longer flight time. The drone also has the ability to capture extremely stable video in 1080p and other resolutions with stills at 14 megapixel.

• 800M Range - Returns to home point when connection breaks
• 20mph - Top speed without wind interference
• 20 Minute Flight time - Instantly replace batteries under 3 minutes

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Marketing & Promotion

Aerial Photography

Sky to Eye's Aerial photography adds an amazing perspective for marketing, illustrating and promotion of property, businesses and events.

Aerial Videography

With the 3-axis camera stabilizer brushless gimbal, and extremely smooth controlled flight, you will notice smooth quality video.

Aerial Mapping

The GPS navigation in the drones allow aerial images to be easily stitched to form larger maps which can be imported into mapping softwares.

Real Estate

Sky to Eye has introduced a new perspective which allows for an improved visual experience of a property which can increase the buying potential.

Security & Surveillance

Search & Rescue

Drone's have reduced the time taken for Search & Rescue thanks to its Camera & HD live preview Monitor and ability to cover more ground.


Drones have saved many lives of law enforcement officers by investigating areas for proper understanding of standoff situations.

Ambulance Drone

Modified Drones carry greater weight, and because of their ability to fly, their response time to an emergency is much faster than ambulances.


Electrical Poles and Construction site inspections can be done safely by sending drones for first person view without risking injury.

Views from unexpected heights

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